1. Foto-Video-Flat offer:
Placing the Foto-Flat and the Sportograf Personal Video in the shopping cart together will reduce the price by the DVD price of: US$10. (As you can only choose a DVD shipment buying a Video!). If you buy one of the products and wish to buy the other one later, please contact our support:
2. Sportograf Personal Video:
You can find a sample video of one cyclist on Vimeo

Of course your personal video will contain your personal scene(s).
The allocation of the video scenes works by means of the photos shot on the same spot. If some of your scene(s) have not been found, you can search for a photo of you in one of the categories "unsorted video scene" and click at "mark as video spot" next to it. This will only work after a placed video order.
The video will be delivered in Full HD quality (1920x1080px) and shipped only on DVD. Please understand that we cannot offer a Video download option because of huge data (almost 1gb) Advice: use the free VLC player to watch your movie.
3. Sportograf Foto-Flat
The Foto-Flat contains all personal images of one person and all 31 general event shots (see category "impressions" ) and a Google Earth File showing all your photos from above. After a placed order you can add pictures showing you from the categories "unsorted" for free to your Foto-Flat.
Thank you so much for the awesome atmosphere during the race and for 1000s of smiles,
Your sportograf crew

Gran Fondo New York 2012


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location The worlds greatest city
pictures online
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last year pictures from Gran Fondo New York 2011
Forgot your race number ? Look for it in the official result list
Your own pictures from categories marked with (*) can be added for free to an already ordered Foto-Flat

event price list *

  • all personal digital pictures (JPEG)
  • all 31 impression shots
  • Google Earth file
Sportograf-Personal-Video $29.99
Sportograf Foto & Video Flat (Sportograf-Personal-Video & Sportograf-Foto-Flat) $49.99
1 personal digital photo (JPG) $8.99
1 personal digital photo incl google earth gps-file $8.99
1 digital photo of other categories "start", "public", "impressions" $1.99
on demand: additional shipment of all pictures you've bought on a Personal Photo Disk $9.99

* all prices inlcusive 19% VAT