Thank you for the awesome atmosphere on the track guys! It was a pleasure to work for you :-)
1. Please do not search after a teamnumber, but after a rider-number, without hyphen. example for rider A, team 204: 204A
2. If you find your pictures within the categories like "unsorted...", you can add them for free to your completed order. Please order your Foto-Flat first!
3. The Foto-Flat (39.99 Euro -> about 437 Rand, payable with Credit Card, Paypal and bank transaction) contains all personal pictures of one person (in media more than 50), all personal pictures found in the other categories of the same person and all 66 impressions (=general event shots). 21 of those impression shots are impressive high resolution panorama images.
The 3rd stage has been canceled, we decided to lower the price a little bit. the amount of pictures per person is more or less the same anyway because of gorgeous weather @stage1+2. we hope you understand.
4. If you have any questions please contact our customer support: . We will answer every email within 24 hours.
PLEASE DO NOT FORGET: ALL PICTURES ARE FOR PERSONAL (=non commercial) USE ONLY. Any copyright violation will be prosecuted in a suitable manner.
NOTE: after a paid and placed order you will be able to download your facebook/web-resolution pictures directly!

Contego Wines2Whales MTB Race


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location Laurensford-Hermanus, South Africa
pictures online
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Your own pictures from categories marked with (*) can be added for free to an already ordered Foto-Flat

event price list *

  • all personal digital pictures (JPEG)
  • all 66 impression shots
  • Google Earth file
39,99 €
1 digital photo of other categories "start", "public", "impressions" 1,99 €
on demand: additional shipment of all pictures you've bought on a Personal Photo Disk 4,99 €

* all prices inlcusive 19% VAT